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scallop small

Seared scallop, edible crispy yoghurt scallop shell, scallop roe coral rocks, compressed apple, pickled+fried kombu, sunchoke cream, pea

Some dishes are a work in progress for an age. Others come together in hours or even minutes. This scallop dish falls into the latter camp.

Still pushing to evoke the prime ingredient’s natural environment – not a unique concept by any means (Albert Adria’s Natura desserts remain a huge influence), but one that just feels right when done well. And Bras salad/Noma forage-influenced platings aside, it’s one that is still under-used in the world of savoury – the very area where giving a dish a sense of place arguably makes most sense.

The trick is to make sure any tricks – visual, textural, chemical or whatever – are carried out in service of the ingredients. It’s important that it looks good. It’s essential that it tastes great.


When you have the finest, freshest pea pods you really don’t want to muck about too much. No cooking. Maybe even no shelling. But how to bring out the best in the contents of the pod and make service just a little bit more interesting? A direct injection of melted parmesan butter into the cavity certainly doesn’t harm any. Gilding the lily? Maybe. Tasty? Definitely.