These days it’s thoughts of food and new ideas for recipes, platings and flavour combinations that keep me awake at night. But before the slow discovery of the joys of the wider culinary world, and training as a chef kickstarted years ago by a life-defining meal at El Bulli in Spain, I held down a full-time career as a journalist – writing, editing and helping to create numerous internationally sold newsstand magazines, along with one or two gigs for national newspapers. Working under the digital jam imprint, words and pictures were my stock in trade.

Indeed they still are, when I’m not in the kitchen here at a feast for the senses or spending my time over at restaurant allium, where I provide my services as research & development chef. Bringing the two disciplines together obviously makes sense, hence authoring the allium blog alongside this one, along with several restaurant-related print design jobs.

Time now to take things a step further. Having learned my chops creating websites for a couple of other clients, attention turned to allium’s own site. The aim: to create an intuitive, minimal-looking online home, one with some graphical punch to better reflect the  path the restaurant has been forging and showcase the unique dishes I’ve been helping to develop.

There’ll likely be more features added in the coming months. But for now, it’s a pretty tidy piece of Flash-based design.  Ladies and gentlemen, the new restaurant allium website is open for business. As indeed is the web design division of my little empire…